Monday, April 21, 2008

An Excerpt From The Corner Which I Haven't Seen Mentioned in Conversations About The Wire

Pg. 38 - 39:

Now, a drug corner is all about product and name recognition.

"Got orange tops."
"Big whites. Big white bags."
"Reds. Red tops. Reds make you sparkle. Red tops."
And, as always, "In the Hole."
Black Beauty, a dark-skinned tout known for her hard look, is busy touting today for that crew, which sells heroin under a brand name that has its origin in local geography. Perfectly isolated, the back alley that runs between Mount and Vincent on the south side of Fayette has long been known as the Hole. In service of that brand, Black Beauty walks a tight circle on Mount Street, barking in mindless repetition, like a mating bird left lonesome in spring.

"In the Hole. In the Hole. In the Hole."