Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Notes: Twitter.

A lot of us are on twitter.

Here's a grouping of items that came about as a result of twittering/tweeting:

1. Music Tweet Day (feat.): Lonnie "the Cat": I Ain't Drunk, The Cave Singers: Dancing On Our Graves, Howlin' Wolf: How Many More Years? , Bo Diddley - Hey, Bo Diddley, Bobby Charles - Take It Easy, Greasy, Pavement - Cut Your Hair, Tuvan Throat Singing, Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain: Shaft, and Roots Jam Session.


At the Star Trek movie. I'm the only one wearing red. And nobody knows my name. Weird.

RT: @jakefogelnest Hey there! I am Jake Fogelnest! This is my home telephone number: (646) 484-5323. I'm home now - let's see who calls!

Jon is trying to teach Leta how to sing in tune, so it sounds like a deaf cat being raped with a tuba in here.

I feel like I'm holding a cane straight up in the air, waiting for an umbrella to appear.

Criticism about "Exit, pursued by a bear" is remarkably hard to find.

Julia M.: "Come to San Francisco and you'll see pure Yoda-filled beauty."

3. Italian Poetry in the 70's (or pretty close to): Eugenio Montale: (1), (2), (3) ; Giovanni Raboni; Giuseppe Ungaretti: (1) Virgil, (2) Italy, (3) Variations on Nothing (*Cheating a bit, I know.)

4. Biographical Tweets

-- Josie: "Ripping in the Dark: The Evan Fleischer Story."

-- was given a new nickname - a "white cornel west."

6. Conversations

@efleischer Phrase i haven't heard: "tweet in me, muse - "
@breadtweed "tweet, oh muse, of the great and noble deeds of Evanius, the hero, the clever and brave soldier...i'm out of characters? Alrea"
@efleischer @breadtweed I can't wait for Virgil to steal this.